DNS Lookup

SamDNS is a web based utility that lets you perform DNS queries for domains against any nameserver you choose. You can lookup various record types, such as A, CNAME and MX records. To query a domain against a specific nameserver, simply enter the IP Address in the nameserver text box.

Performing a DNS lookup allows you to verify that a domain or sub-domain is pointed to the right server.  A common use is to confirm that a domain has a proper MX record to ensure mail gets delivered correctly.

While performing a lookup, SamDNS will also show the TTL or what's known as "Time To Live".  This will show you in seconds, the time until a particular DNS record will exist and then be refreshed.  If you have made a DNS change, by querying different nameservers, TTL information can be useful to see how the your changes are propagating throughout the network.

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